Jim Mann inside BBC Sport's Pres 2 studio.

I am Jim Mann, and I have been working as a designer using 3D, CAD and CG for over 30 years. I have been a regsitered architect since 1998, but my entire architectural career has been defined by the increased adoption of 3D graphics as a design and presentation tool. Since 2005, I have worked on designs for television, and have been creating virtual sets since 2012.

My companies website is http://www.lightwell.tv but I needed to create a space to tell more personal stories about the design process, and behind the scenes work that goes into creating virtual sets for major clients, across the world like BBC, ITV, Sky, ABC, Bloomberg, Discovery+, etc. This will be that space.

Jim Mann

BBC Sport credits for Tokyo Olympics featuring Jim Mann
BBC Sport end credits from Tokyo Olympics, 2021

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