Reasons to Blog

View of the match of the day studio taken from behind a camera. The studio is entirely green, except for the desk, chairs and rostra upon which these sit.

The whole point of setting up this blog, was to begin to share more of the background details of projects as they developed. Not surprisingly, when in the middle of a large project, its hard (make that impossible) to find pockets of time and energy to be able to commit thoughts and details to a post. Case in point being that since setting up this blog, I’ve delivered four separate sets for BBC Sport’s football coverage (Match of the Day, Match of the Day 2, alongside an updated version of the ITV Sport virtual set, that included an exterior presentation space, with a 3D representation of Paris rooftops.

I’ve got two new, large projects about to start. Both are likely to make use of Unreal Engine 5 and we have launch dates slated for March, and July 2024. I am determined to document the journey, here.


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